Press Release: Writes- OMhh Moves To Bed-Stuy

Press Release......OMhh Beauty Oasis moves to Bed-Stuy Lewis Avenue.


Press Release: Debra Hare-Bey Recreates Beyonce Long Braids

Kudos to Beyonce's hair stylist- her braids are bomb! I wanted to see how close I could come to recreating Beyonce's  braidstyle so I tried it. It came out simply FABULOUS. You judge for yourself. BACK TO GLAMOUROUS SHOOT (BEYONCE INSPIRATION) THE RED ROOM LUXE SALON @ OMHH/ DHB No I didn't do B's hair [...]

Back To Glamourous Natural Hair Options 2016 By Debra Hare-Bey

The new year has just begun so you are right on target for updating your look. I want to take it back to the days of yesteryear where people cared about the way they looked. It was important. Everything was just so- clothes fit with undergarments that smoothed our lumps and bumps. Shoes were fab paired with [...]

Go For It…. Chop It!

You know you've been thinking about it so, "GO FOR IT"- Chop it! I believe in beautiful before and gorgeous after. The new year is almost here. New year= new you. If you want to present a new look or create a healthier foundation for your hair to flourish, do it- cut your hair. I [...]

Gone Are The Days of Tree Hugging, Earth Shoe Wearing……

Gone are the days of tree hugging, earth shoe wearing, plain Jane naturals. Today's naturals are glamorous and want products that reflect their lifestyle.  OMhh products are Glamorously Natural and Fabulously Healthy. OMhh products are beautifully packaged saturated with the best ingredients nature has to offer including botanicals, herbs, vitamins and essential oils. OMhh products are [...]