How Will Your Sexy Look On Valentine’s Day?


You have the venue and babysitter. How will your sexy look on Valentine’s Day.

The Outfit
In the photo, Shaina is  wearing a sexy, fitted black dress. What is your sexy? What looks good on you? Choose attractive garments that fit well and are in hues that work well with your complextion. Black is a given- it’s generally the go to color for sexy. It’s flattering and hides a multitude of flaws. It’s Valentine’s Day so chose a color that’s romantic. Look at colors that are new to your wardrobe. Try hues in red, pink, magenta, coral and purple. Be sure to try  garments on before purchasing- fit is everything. A professional tailor can alter garments for a better fit. Most high end stores offer in-store tailoring- if not, your local dry cleaner seamstress or tailor will suffice.

The Shoes
The shoes and hair are the anchors of your outfit. In my opinion tall heels are sexy. They assist in a longer, lean frame with better posture.  It’s not sexy however when you can’t walk in your shoes so choose shoes you can manage. Stilettos are very sexy however platforms are easier to walk in because of it’s leveled, stacked heel.  Flats are not an option in my opinion. A lower heel could be an option. Remember it’s only one day so a little sacrifice won’t hurt to achieve your full on sexy. Also remember this is my opinion. The title of this article is “How will YOUR sexy look on Valentine’s Day” so choose what works for you.

The Hair

Hair is the other anchor. With the help of your stylist select a style that enhances your facial structure. If you don’t have a stylist go with word of mouth or  when you are out and spot an attractive hairstyle ask who did it. Blogs, You Tube and magazines are other ways to find a stylist and or hairstyle.

Natural hair is the new sexy so go big, long, textured, curly or braided-  “How will your sexy look on Valentine’s Day?”

All Hair: Debra Hare-Bey,  Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh, Shaina Photos: Elijah Lindsay





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