How This Style Inspired An Entire Salons Decor

You know I never realized how much I really love the color blue until I ventured out and changed my hair color. The first color I chose was blue- an amazing blue. I further realized if you look at most of my hairstyles created with color most of them had  a blue base.

img_3058Fast forward to OMhh’s new location designed from scratch. What’s the inspiration? How will I choose the color palette.  In the past, my entire professional career included using red to design my salons as well as using it in the business name (Red Creative Art Concept Studio & Red Room Luxe Salon @OMhh). I decided to move in a different direction with the new space.

IMG_0397.JPG So, how did I arrive at using the colors from the hairstyle? Once I chose my ceiling color, next up- my salon chairs. I didn’t want to be matchy, matchy. I wanted to have a symphony of colors that complimented each other just like in the hairstyle. As I was going through my photos looking for something else, I realized this style has all the colors I love. It perfectly fits the Oasis philosophy- a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction in harmony with nature offering refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast for healthy, beauty naturally.



Visit OMhh Beauty Oasis to see how it all turns out.

407 Lewis Avenue, bet Decatur Street and MacDonough, Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 11-5pm,718-858-6644.



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