6 Common Flatiron Mistakes


* photo from Optimum products, article from Allure Magazine.

Winter is here and the harsh weather is on. With this type of weather we think we need to turn up the heat or over use styling products and so on and so on. If straight hair is your thing- great! Also think about embracing your natural curls or even wet sets. Ultimately, you want to do what’s best for your hair and at the same time stay stylish. Remember, less is best. Below are 6 styling tips from Allure Magazine August 2012.

1. Cranking up the heat all the way-  “You  don’t need 450 degrees”, 410 works for every hair type.

2. Forgetting Protection- Not enough people use thermal protectors which should be use before apply heat.

3. Running Over (and over) curls- Get hair as straight as possible before ironing by stretching out each section with a comb or brush. Then slide the iron slowly and steadily in a single process. Don’t stop and go or you will have horizontal lines

4. Going Board-Straight- Instead of ironing hair straight, parallel to your face, move your arm in a C shape as you proceed down the h air, and bend the ends under.

5. Ironing Damp Hair- If you hear a sizzling sound or see steam…it’s not good.

6. Thinking Bigger is Better- Hulking irons “make it harder to get to the hairline, where hair tends to be the curliest,” says hairstylist Sebastian Solarium. Instead, choose a iron with ceramic or tourmaline plates that are an inch wide.

As you know, my goal is to always present you with information that offers healthier hair options. That’s why I chose this article- thank you Allure magazine. I would like to add a suggestion. Using the right products are equally as important as hair care. May I suggest my line- OMhh Fabulously Therapeutic Vegan Spa Collection. The Vegan Spa Collection has 8 products designed to offer healthier hair care and skin care options. To assist you with flatironing your hair properly may I would suggest:

OMhh Fabulously Therapeutic Vegan Spa Collection sets the stage for healthier, smoother hair to flatiron. 

1. Hair & Body Wash no sulfate $13.00
Designed to moisturize as it efficiently cleans without stripping hair or skin. Leaves hair more manageable and skin softer.

2. Herbal Conditioner $13.00
Nourishes weak, dry, damaged hair. Restores. Luster and strength.

3. Leave In Conditioning Milk Daily $18.00
This unique formula creates a protective bond around the cortex that smooths the cuticle as it deposits moisture, shine and body.

Please follow directions according to each products.

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