Frustrated…..It’s OK. Learn How To Manage Natural Hair

I know, sometimes natural hair can be tricky. You want it to curl it may kink, you try to create a side sweep and inevitably one piece goes the other way. Your big beautiful kinky Fro flops in the middle because the center is wavy not kinky. Guest what, it’s all ok. Learn how to go with the flow and make it work for you. So what your hair doesn’t look exactly the way you thought it would. The key is to rock it or learn how to fix it. As for the curl that kinks- dab a little gel on that kinky curl and wrap it around your finger to bring that kink back to a curl. Use the same remedy for that one piece of hair that wants to go the other way. Lastly the beautiful kinky Fro that’s sinking in the middle because it’s wavy- set the center on perm rods to create more texture. Problem solved.

Must Have Items

silk scarf or silky stretch do-rag– protect hair when sleeping and smooth style

wide tooth comb- detangle

soft natural boar bristle brush- smooth hairline

medium natural boar bristle brush- stimulate scalp (blood flow) and directional styling

gel- tame unruly hair, smooth, and or hold style in place

natural grease/pomade- shine and tame unruly hair

bobby / hair pins- hold style in place

attractive hair accessories- adorn style or help camouflage mistakes

beautiful scarf- head wrap

wiglets, synthetic braids, etc- add to style for more drama or camouflage mistakes

This is the arsenal (at a minimum) required to create and maintain beautiful hair styles. Remember, don’t be afraid to experiment- it’s OK   The key is rock it or learn how to fix it


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