How A Pair Of Boots Brought Back MY Inner GLAMOUROUS by Debra Hare-Bey

Boots hand painted by Mshind Kuumba. OMhh Logo- A Glamourously Natural Lifestyle Brand
Boots hand painted by Mshindo Kuumba. OMhh Logo- A Glamourously Natural Lifestyle Brand

How a pair of boots brought back my inner glamour. In this world of busy, often times we are so motivated to get the job done that we take very little time for ourselves. Because I am in the beauty enhancement business (I could list all my titles but will save that for another article) the way I look is premier. Needing to be functional and beautiful led me to acquiring chic clothing but added flats or flat like shoes to the mix……Wwwhhaatttt? I don’t do flats, I have been wearing heels since I was a young gir, l pretty much came out the womb that way. So I made a mental note, acknowledged it and let it go because at the time I couldn’t change it but more importantly I didn’t want to change it. My flats were a signal of where I was in life; older, body a little less stretch and recover and I was not sure I could effectively manage heels anymore. Last winter was brutal, I fell- stitches, concussion, etc. so needless-to-say, I was off kilter when it came to walking less more, walking in heels.

Fast forward, I had given my brother a pair of boots to paint for me with my logo. Life happens; I’m working, being, living, time is quickly passing. As usual, I am always planning my wardrobe because I am often out and about, taking pictures, attending events, etc. I have tons of heels as we all have but I still keep them in my mind and not on my feet becasue seceretly I’m still not sure I can manage heels.

Tall, thigh high boot are trending hard. I desperately want a pair. Remember, because I am now in my flattish season,  I am searching for a solid, manageable heels I can actually walk in- no luck. These boots are really hawking my mind. I’m facebooking my brother and remember, hey you still have boots for me- the boots I sent you to be hand painted with my logo. Because of his very busy work and travel schedule he literally just finished putting the final touches on my boots. December 24th they arrive. I AM BEYOND EXCITED. They are beautiful. I put them on,  I don’t ever want to be separated from them because they are so amazingly gorgeous. Guest what- the’re platforms and high and tall and comfortable and voila, I’M BACK! They’re like that one piece of furniture you decorate around or that color paint that sparks an entire decor story.

Back to Glamorous- I’ve found my way. The beauty and awesomeness of my boots allowed me to find my inner glamour. I want to live my life reflecting my boots- unique, well made, ready to be photographed at any moment and absolutely GLAMOUROUS!

What was your life changing moment, item or thing? I would love to know!

Boots artistry by Mshindo Kuumba. Facebook: Mshindo Kuumba


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