YouTubers, Vloggers, Speakers, etc……How To Master Your Moment

How To Master Your Moment
By Jetta Bates

Photo: Cosmopolitan April 2014
Photo: Cosmopolitan April 2014

I am often asked to speak at events, present at award ceremonies and lecture fairly often. This may or may not be something you do but, there are elements of this article that can be used to help with your overall presentation. Remember, this is a YouTube, Vlogger, selfie, etc. world. Whenever and whenever possible take control of the way you look and how you will be perceived.

“Those who do it well keep their clothes simple yet striking”, says Lloyd Boston, TV host and author of The Style Checklist (Atria). “You can’t assume optimum lighting, so stay away from dark color.

Use colors like cream or dove gray on the part of the body you feel most confident about, says Boston. If you prefer to wear black, opt for apparel with shine built into it, like a dark leather jacket. He stresses that hair should be in a controlled style, like a chignon, and the bangles we love should be replaced with simple pieces that don’t clang against the mic.

Consider the audience, the organization’s mission and the event, then tailor your words thoughtfully. There’s no honor in speaking off the cuff if you fumble through the presentation. Take note cards onstage, but internalize the message rather than memorizing it.

Media consultant Claudette Roper offers these tips: “Do a mic check so participants can hear you. Be an active listener- no one wants to hear a regurgitation of a question. And don’t overlook your stake in the game. State your connection to the issue using a personal example.


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