Check out the new September cover of O Magazine. Has Natural Hair Gone Mainstream?

Has natural hair gone mainstream? Wildly successful Film Actress, Entrepreneur,  PhilanthropistTalk Show HostTelevision Producer and Billionaire Oprah Winfrey rocks natural hair for her latest cover of O Magazine. Natural hair is officially part of pop culture. For those of us that wear and love natural hair on a daily basis we understand how Oprah could be lured into wearing  this style. Natural hair is magnetic. Natural hair is glamorous, beautiful and an undeniable alluring. It encapsulates  the best of all worlds; what other style can you go from Afro to braids, to curls  to straight and back to an Afro all over again.  Natural hair represents a rich legacy of beautiful style options that are loving apart of our DNA. Natural  hair in all its finery can be fine tuned to fit any lifestyle. It’s a conscious decision to wear healthier style options.  So, hats of to you Oprah Winfrey for bringing attention (on such a grand scale) to a style worth wearing. We applaud you and celebrate right along with you the beauty of natural hair.

I love natural hair so much I created a meetup group centered around the celebration of natural hair. For more info go to and join me and the group for our next meetup.



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