My 10 Favorite Hairstyles

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beautiful braids and more

Natural hair at its’ BEST

10. TopKnots- Elegant, beautiful and very sophisticated. Exactly what you want for that special occasion. Brides, this means you.

9. *The Afro Weave– If you can’t grow it, sew it.  Don’t leave Eryka Badu hanging! You go on with your bad self and rock your own groove thang (ask about the Afro weave special 135.00 hair included).

8. Short Cut- Not for every one! You do have to have the right shaped head and personality.

7. Cornrows– Stylist beware: if you can’t cornrow, refer to a stylist that can. The key to this beautiful hairstyle is finding a stylist that cornrows well. Remember, no lumps and bumps.

6. *Braided Wrap– Boy, I  love everything! This is truly another favorite of mine because there are no two braided wraps that will look the same. The Braided Wrap is uniquely done to resemble straight hair that is  layered and feathered.

5. Healthy Hair- Noticed, I said “healthy hair”.  Healthy hair is always a winner when it’s worn in an attractive manner. Remember, it does require upkeep and lots of tender, love and care.

4. *Locs– Shall I say any more.  Locs are simply beautiful. I like them both groomed and ungroomed.

3. *Kinky Twist– Another favorite I’ve worn many times. When kinky twist are done properly, it looks like your natural hair and guest what- it doesn’t have that man-made curl at the end. Like your natural hair when twisted, it ends with a natural puff curl.

2. *Feathered Bob– It was a difficult choice to make this #2 because this style is so “hot” right now; bob’s are everywhere. The wonderful thing about this bob is, it is classically beautiful, sweat and frizz proof and unique.  You won’t see yourself coming and going because there are no two done exactly alike.

drum roll please   …………………………………………………………………………………………………………

1. Nu-Locs– Anyone that knows me and The Studio knows that this is my all time favorite style. Nu-Locs are fabulously beautiful, easy to maintain, absolutely washable, and looks better with each passing day. This is a great way to loc your hair if you so choose or remove in three (3) yes, 3 whole months and try something new.

How do you maintain the hairstyles from the top 10 list- natural oils. Of course, I highly recommend OMhh Fab Therapeutic Vegan All Natural Elixir- hair body bath oil. For more information, go to, (search bar key in OMhh) or visit me at The OMhh Store, 503 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217, Hours: Tues-Sat 11-7 pm. 718-858-6644.



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