Do You Want Healthy Hair?

essence natural hair

Hair by Debra Hare-Bey as seen in Essence Magazine

Tight ponytails, tight braids, sleeping in hard or sponge rollers and on and on- all for what you think will result in fabulous hair; and it does or you would not do what you do.  You beautifully camouflage your dry, brittle, split ends with the latest silicon hair dress. You hide your weak, damaged hair with sexy curls, chignons and braids; secretly you’re losing your hair. You continue this routine day after day not correcting the problem as if it is going to correct itself.  Still you continue; wool hats, sun, wind and chemical damage, excessive heat, product overload and on and on. No thoughts to protect your hair. How long will you continue this destructive behavior for fabulous hair? Your fabulous  hair will look less fabulous and  more unattractive. Damaged, weak, sparse, dull hair is not cute and is certainly not fabulous.

Are you eating nutritiously, exercising and drinking the right amounts of water; hum…  A salad here or there, replacing regular soda with diet soda and walking as you go out for lunch is your idea of exercising and proper nutrition; perfect! Do you pray? Is your mind, body and spirit harmonious? I could continue down this path, but I won’t because I know you understand where I’m going with this.

Please “Stop Tryin’ To Act Brand New”(Nina). We do understand that we are what we eat and the behavior and manner in-which we treat ourselves is reflected in a good or bad result. If you want healthy hair, you have to treat your hair and body well. You have to eat well and exercise. Water is your friend, it does a body good.  Are you saying “Excuse Me”. Please understand,  I say this all in love. I don’t hold you accountable for anything that I don’t hold myself accountable. Ultimately we want to be healthy, we want to look good and have fabulous hair. We can do this and we can do this the right way. Remember, my mantra is “Pray, Cherish Your Body, Love Your Hair” and “A healthy mind, body and spirit is the foundation of healthy hair”.

Great, I am so glad we are all on the same page.  Now, how do we move forward? Let’s go back to focusing on hair.  And, since we have “Stopped Tryin’ To Act Brand New” (Nina) we understand that in focusing on our hair simultaneously we are also focusing on complete health. We are now mindful of the foods we put in our body.  We eat rich leafy vegetables and colorful fruits  We exercises, drink water and we absolutely think positively for a healthy mind. We gracefully thank God (or your higher spirit) for everything. When we do this consistently, voilà  magic happens. We are in a state of health. Our body starts to take shape; we feel and look better. Our hair is shinier, stronger, healthier and well on its way to representing how healthy we are- both inside and out.

Lets cheer each other on and do this! Collectively, we can change the way we think about our hair.  We can change the focus  from being overly concerned about the outer appearance and be very concerned about the inner body.  We can use products that support the harmony of mind, body and spirit for healthy hair.  Lets’ be dedicated to live a healthier life.  As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I really do understand how important style is but, not to the detriment of healthy hair.  The new you knows the sensible approach to fabulous healthy hair; naturally. Till soon dhb.

*this article is written by Debra Hare-Bey on behalf of Oh My Heavenly Hair Natural Hair Oil Boutique and More.

*”Stop Tryin’ To Be Brand New” (Nina) is a saying I hear my friend Nina say all the time. This saying ends with Nina not because I am talking directly to or referring to Nina but, is a way of thanking her for letting me borrow her quote.


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