Twist Out

Debra_Scan_2If you are in search of that magical curl but can’t seem to find it-create it. May I further say “most of us don’t have that magical curl.” What we do have is a BEAUTIFUL texture that is uniquely ours. Now, let’s get back to creating a look that is similar to that magical curl.

A Twist Out is a way to create texture/curl. Through the size of your twist and gel you are actually, manually creating texture. The smaller the twist the more textured your hair will appear. The bigger the twist the fluffier/waiver your hair will appear. Remember natural hair is very reactionary. Moisture, sweat, steam, etc. will cause your hair to shrink.  In this case moisture will cause your hair to look more Afro like.  Also, remember every head is different. I would have to leave my twist in for 2 weeks before I could get a good twist out. Once my hair set for that long, my Twist Out was fabulous (crinkles for days) and would keep for up to 2 additional weeks. Any time less than 2 weeks my hair would Afro out quickly.  Some people can twist and immediately untwist. The only way you will know how long your Twist Out will last  is to experiment with how long to let your twist set.

To get the look, book your appointment today. Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh, 503 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217, 718-858-6644, Appointment Only.

Hair & Model: Debra Hare-Bey


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