Candy color hues trend at The Red Room for Spring 2013




Hair: Debra Hare-Bey, Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh,  Models: Alisha Richards, Debra Hare-Bey, Ida Harris, Photos & Make- Up: Crystal “Zerenyti” Abrams, both style are Nu-Locs

Vibrant, Candy Colors Are The New Black

Color is abound everywhere you turn around including hair. Hair color is now trending in vibrant hues of cotton candy pinkturquoise bluecandy apple red and senior silver to name a few. How will you incorporate the new color spectrum into your hair style .   Of course you want to start with your lifestyle. Do you have a lifestyle that can apologetically wear full on color or do you have a traditional 9-5. Lets start with the 9-5.  Streaks, clip-ins or peek-a-boo color is a great place to start because it is color sophisticatedly placed for a dash of drama. Check out Ms. Alisha in the first photo with silver hair. If you notice, there’s a hint of turquoise blue peeking through the silver. Now for the traditional 9-5er you might not want to start there but with a traditional color highlighted with navy or gray or even deep purple or magenta. Play around with position (clip-ins work well in this instance) until you feel comfortable with the look. If you feel very comfortable you may even want to try some of the fun, paint-on temporary colors available over the counter.

Unapologetic Color Wearer

For the unapologetic color wearers like me, Alish and Ida, be bold and have fun. We have the freedom and flexibility (natural hair stylist) to wear hairstyles that are bold and non-traditional (I am so enjoying wearing this full on color of navy, light blue and magenta mix- it is a real attention getter. Alisha is wearing silver and Ida turquoise). When choosing any of the more vibrant, candy hues you still want to apply the same guidelines as you would with your more traditional colors. For the more permanent color wearers lifting your hair to achieve the more vibrant, candy hues may be necessary. Please seek a professional for that service.

Making The Right Choices

When deciding what hue to rock, you want to choose colors that are attractive and acceptable within your lifestyle. Choosing the right hairstyle is also important. A big pink Fro is not acceptable for a traditional job but a twist out with a streak of magenta may fly under the radar. Last but most importantly make sure your hair style is attractive and done well. You don’t want people starring for the wrong reasons like your hair is a hot mess in additional to the bright color. All in all, it’s ok to have fun with your hair. Even when serious, it’s ok to step outside the box.

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