The Red Room Moves Forward With Chic, Natural Styling in 2013


Hair: Debra Hare-Bey, Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh, Model: Taiesha Abrams, Make-Up Artist: Crystal Abrams, Photographer: Tim McDonough

Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh is where glamour meets fashion. in the grand scheme of things, your completed look should be complimentary from head to toe. Your hair should not be the icing on the cake one day then a mess another day; nor should your attire be hit or miss from day-to-day. At the Red Room Salon @ OMhh we got you covered, at least with your hair. Glamour is our middle name, health is the first. When you sit in our chair your hair is our # one priority. When we are done, your hair will fabulously carry you from day-to-day with style and glamour.

Five Tips for Everyday Glamour
1. Use fashion magazines to get style ideas, trends and the latest colors.
2. Create a vision board of how you would like to see yourself.
3. Organize your closet ( this way you know exactly what you have)
4. Follow your vision board.
5. Choose your clothes the night before.



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