Manstyle- Locs


Model: Augustor Davis, Hair: Debra Hare-Bey for Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh, 718-852-6644 Photographer: Tim McDonough

Locs! Locs are one of those styles that can be very attractive with very little care. The most important thing about Locs is the foundation- the beginning, how you start your Locs. There are several techniques to Loc hair; traditional locs- palm roll, comb twist or two-strand twist and Sisterlocks. Sisterlock are done with a tool to create a loop stitch. Each technique however different will get you to your desired goal of Locs. Your choice of Loctition will determine which method will be used to start your Locs. Be mindful of the size you want your Locs. Your sections should reflect the size. Remember, over time your locs will plump into the size chosen and fill in  beautifully.

*the models loc size is small/medium


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