Press Release: You & The BIG Chop…the largest BIG Chop of 2012


In less than 50 days (wow) the new year will be here. Join Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh as we help you “Go Natural”. If you are on the fence, jump… we got you. Starting the last week of November, ¬†straight through December, The BIG Chop is just $10.00 (1.00 for each letter of big chop. $7.00 signifies your commitment to a healthier you- the rest will blow your mind). This is our way of helping you to be a healthier you in the new year. Post The BIG Chop we provide a celebration- champagne on us, January 1st, 2013 at the Natural & Fabulous Celebration.

*Appointment required for The BIG Chop

$10.00 includes

The BIG Chop

Donation Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

Natural & Fabulous Celebration Jan 1st 1-3pm

Healthier Hair Packet

Natural & Fabulous Celebration 2013 January 1st 1-3pm

You’ve been CHOPPED and you’re proud. Come with your shout and two-step to celebrate the Healthier you in the new year… Champagne is on us.

Location for The BIG Chop 2012 and Natural & Fabulous Celebration 2013

Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh (located behind the red curtain at The OMhh Store)

503 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11217



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