This Is A Weave


Hair: Debra Hare-Bey of Red Room Luxe Salon @ OMhh

A weave is not supposed to be recognized as a weave. It should blend properly with your natural hair. It should also be cut and styled according to the shape of your face. You also want to know how to care for your weave. Does it require day to day or weekly maintenance. Can you care for your weave or does it require professional care. If your weave requires professional care please do so as not to compromised the health of your hair.

Ask your friends. When you see an attractive hairstyle you like, ask the person wearing it who did their hair. Magazines are another great resource to find a professional hair stylist.

Remember, The Red Room @ OMhh is a professional salon headed by Debra Hare-Bey. Debra has over 25 years experience as licensed Cosmetologist and Natural Hair Stylist. To book your appointment today call 718-852-6644.


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