Help is here…. Transition From Relaxed to Natural Hair

This article was pulled from my Stuff blog written in 08. To my pleasure there seems to be a mass exodus of people transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair.  Were you all reading my mind.  Ok, let’s go….

Growing out your relaxer is a little harder than you thought- frustrating right. Here’s the thing, this process requires 1 of 2 things- lots of patience or a firm decision to do the big chop. Either way, I can talk you through.  

I am a firm believer in the big chop.  Cut out the frustration of dealing with two textures (your new growth and your relaxed ends) tangling, hair loss and wearing a style  that  just doesn’t look good any more. The big chop is the only way to regain your natural texture. I do understand if you don’t want to go that route.  Below are other options to consider as I dispel common old wives tales.

True Statements

1. Relaxed hair will not suddenly revert back to natural texture over time.

2. Your new growth is natural. Your relaxed hair will always be relaxed. 

3. Washing your hair in beer will not revert relaxed hair back to its’ natural state. 


Now having said that please understand without cutting your relaxed hair off,  it will not magically become natural. Which have you decided to do… cut now or cut later. If you choose to cut later, wear styles that are low in maintenance. This will allow your hair to rest and grow. You also want to be conscious of  the products you use. Remember, choose products that nourish, condition and strengthen.

*May I suggest *OMHH Fabulously Therapeutic Vegan Spa Collection (based on holistic remedies for radiantly healthy, beautiful hair) to assist in maintaining healthy hair.

Style Options

1. Cut:  try a shorter version of your hair style. Transition to a Bob cut. From there transition to a Pixie. Keep your Pixie tight (cut often)- before you know it, your relaxed hair will be gone.

2. Extensions: add extension in the form of braids or twists. This alternative will give you 2-3 months at a time of what I call “rest and grow”.  This is perfect for your transition. Do this for a year- cutting each time you replace your braids or twist and before you know it, no more relaxed hair.

3. Weave: depending on the type of hair you choose, once again you have 1-3 months of allowing your hair to rest and grow. Like the extensions, cut and re-weave-  before you know it, no more relaxed hair.

4. Wet Set: Straw Set, Rod Set, Roller Set are all perfect options. Each offers low maintenance styles that look great. 

5. Twist Out: large flat twist or cornrows done with gel. Let set, untwist/unbraid,  finger comb and go. This can be worn for 3-5 days at a time.

6. Topknots, Buns, French Rolls etc.: all wonderful choices for a fabulously neat sophisticated look with minimum maintenance.

7. Twist & Curl: twist and set . This will last for about 2-3 weeks depending on length and texture.

8. Finger Waves: perfect-  bring the roaring 20’s back to the 2000’s with all your fabulousity.

9. Wiglet: adding a wiglet offers chic, quick, easy styling.

10. Barber Cut: you know you always wanted to try it. You have the face for it, it’s just finding the right barber (word of  mouth works). Now is the perfect opportunity and besides, the look is hot; ” You go girl.”

Remember, I am here for you. Please send me your questions, comments, etc. Till soon dhb

For product info please go to or go to search bar and key in OMHH


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