Nu-Loc Beauty… Wedding in June?


  I did this style over 15 years ago. It still sets the bar for exquisite hair styling.

Wedding in June- perfect
If you’re looking for a hairstyle that can take you through your wedding, honeymoon and all the blissful days thereafter, this style is for you- Nu-Locs
With all the beautiful hairstyles OMHH Red Room offers, there’s no need to entertain getting a relaxer just because it’s  your wedding and regret it later. Nu-Loc are done with yarn. Yes yarn (you could knit a sweater once you remove it from your hair) Yarn is durable, beautiful, light and soft to the touch. Nu-Locs are easy to maintain, glamorously chic and absolutely the new way to think about Locs. Yarn offers the look of Locs without the permanence of Locs and can be done on any texture hair.
For more info on Nu-Loc, contact Debra Hare-Bey 718-858-OMHH (6644)

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