The Pixie as seen in Essence Table Top Book

       The Pixie  This is my Polaroid from Essence Shoot- Essence Table Top Book Do you love short hair. The Pixie is perfect for you.  This type of hair styling is exactly what the Red Room is known for- beautiful braided hairstyles that are timeless. This style was done over 10 years ago. Layers upon layers, accurately cut and fabulous describes OMHH Red Room styling. Pixie, Shag, Bob you name it- we are masters at recreating straight hairstyles naturally. If you find a straight style that you like but would love to try something different we can recreate that style with braids, twist or locs.

The Pixie is a sophisticated layered braid style that resembles a straight style cut. There are no 2 pixie’s alike at the Red Room. We tailor each pixie  to suit your face.

The Pixie is  also great as a transition hair style. Go ahead, cut off the relaxed hair or allow your relaxer to grow out as you wear this style.  The Pixie is easy to maintain. It is part of our wake up and go series- sleep on satin, oil your scalp as needed and go. It is also wash and wear styling. Fabulous all the way around. *The Pixe is specifically for hair with lengths of  1-2″. If  your hair is longer, we suggest The Shag. It is the same layered concept however, your hair can be any length.